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The Open Gaming Convention (OGC) is an annual convention made by and for gamers. Our goal is to bring fun and exciting games and events that promote creativity and imagination for everyone. We've had over 100 Games and Events every year since 2006, including some run by well known writers in the gaming industry. Some events being proposed for this year include a Magic Tournament, a Last Man Standing/Iron 40K event, OGL Horror, and of course, events themed around superheroes. For those moments between games, you can also browse our Vendor rooms or try your hand at our Painting Corner.

Official Website: http://www.ogc-con.com/

Added by SARudy on February 20, 2008



I am the head ST for Death Warmed Over, my in house screen name is now Happybudda8. I registered as planning on attending, I plan to run the Old WoD Vampire LARP for the second year at your con, Lisa.