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The Enterprise Mashups Summit is the leading open industry event and user community for 21st Century enterprise integration. Community members and conference participants are business enterprise users, scholars, developers, service providers, institutional users and stakeholders. They originate from the enterprise, media, government, military and education. The Enterprise Mashups Summit conference and community is agnostic and open. The collaboration consists of business users, vendors, technologists, developers thought leaders and others pursuing comprehensive mastery of enterprise mashups.

Registration includes meals, books, parking, refreshments, materials, Wi-Fi access, reception, materials, group workspace and discounts. Registration in advance required. No on-site registration.

The Enterprise Mashups Summit community goal is to expand leadership and practice capacity for enterprise integration methods, techniques, applications and technologies. This is achieved by providing awareness, diffusion, adoption and Next Practices. The Enterprise Mashups Summit community leads open integration practices, tools and theories for the 21st Century Enterprise.

The objective of Enterprise Mashups Summit is to shape the future of enterprise integration by mobilizing enterprise users, business leaders, mashup innovators and practice experts. This includes suppliers, users, professionals and others wanting to benefit from fundamental advancements in high velocity integration technologies, techniques, methods and advancements. Outcomes provide integrated benefits to business, education, government, militaries and civil society.

This site, subsites, services and network is for the global Enterprise Mashups Summit community, summit delegates, industry, members and stakeholders. Governance originates from the Enterprise Mashups Summit community and worldwide network only.

We invite you to sponsor, join and participate in the Enterprise Mashups Summit community!

Official Website: http://www.emusummit.com

Added by Jennifer M. Hulett on December 18, 2009