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Enterprise Mashups are application hybrids combining content and functions from more than one existing source to create powerful Web applications, integrated Web experiences and expanded customer value networks. Mashups are created by combining internal sources such as enterprise data with external Web resources such as Google Maps. Mashups are created when different application program interfaces (API) are combined or 'mashed' to create an entirely new application. Mashups are the fastest growing enterprise ecosystem on the Web by far. Mashups are social, role-based, network-centric, complex, distributed and essential to all knowledge-based networks, models and businesses. They are a critical method to enhance customer experience, to drive productivity growth (innovation) and achieve fundamental advancements in knowledge economy competitiveness. Customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders gain enormous benefits using enterprise mashups to create new applications and expanding customer value networks.

Official Website: http://www.vncluster.com/MUNY.htm

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