Vismarkt 4-5
Utrecht, Utrecht

Due to great succes of the first five Open Coffee events in Utrecht we now continue to "organise" these weekly events. You now know for sure the you can drink coffee with fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers and other creative internet professionals every wednesday morning starting at 09.00 am until what time you would like (most people leaving again between 10.00 and 10.30 am). An average of 10 to 15 different people there! Great place to network, chat and mirroring your ideas.

Location: Coffee Company at the Vismarkt Utrecht.

It's not necessary that you sign up for the meeting, but please become a member of the group, so that we have a way to notify eachother!

See for more Locations and dates throughout Holland.

Official Website:

Added by tonwesseling on April 9, 2008


Erwin Kerk

Eh, de 15e is op een dinsdag??


Yep, scheef geklikt, nu verplaatst naar de woensdag!


En dit was helemaal niet nummer 10, maar nummer 12 :-) Beter tellen (tevens is 9 april nooit ingepland geweest :-)