Guwahati, Assam

Fellow entrepreneur/aspiring entrepreneur/startup enthusiast/idea generator -

I’ve pleasure to inform you that for the first time in the region, a networking event is being organized for entrepreneurs of the region. Headstart ( foundation aims to build an eco-system to support entrepreneurship in India. The foundation runs an annual event that identifies cutting edge innovations from India. In addition, it also runs a very popular monthly event – StartupSaturday (, which is conducted across multiple cities in India. The foundation also helped design various business incubators including I-Accelerator of IIM-A and the recently established incubation centre in IISc. Kallol Borah, founder of Headstart and also a successful technology entrepreneur (founder & CEO of Aumega Network) will also be present to share his views on the need to build an eco-system for success for entrepreneurship to flourish. We will also have other successful entrepreneurs from the region, eminent journalists, academicians, talented students, idea generators of the region to share their views and brainstorm on ways forward. This is also an occasion to celebrate the success of some talented young entrepreneurs of the region.

The objective of the networking event is to form a platform where like minded people can come together and discuss about challenges they are facing, brainstorm on ideas, bounce off ideas - communicate, collaborate and contribute. There is a huge need for a platform for entrepreneurs in Guwahati - the goal of this meet is exactly that - network with fellow entrepreneurs and gain from each other's ideas, experience & information.

This meet – first of its kind is organized with the support of Kandaree – an NGO founded by professionals originally from Guwahati which aims to use technology to bring in equal opportunities at all levels and sectors of the society.

The details of the event are below:

“Open Coffee Meet – a networking event for entrepreneurs” brought to you by Headstart in association with Kandaree

Time: 11:00 AM to 1 PM
Date: 3rd May
Venue: Press Club, Ambari

It would be a great pleasure to have you amidst us. Its an initiative by a few young people who are from Guwhati, have worked across the world and now want to impact the society here in some tangible way. And do pass on the word to anyone who you think can contribute or benefit from the meet.

Any questions, do give me a shout! Contact info below:

- Kakoli
On behalf of Headstart & Kandaree
Ph: 9954864179
Email:[email protected]

P.S. Agenda to follow

Added by Kakoli Das on April 28, 2009



But exams are starting from 3rd May !
So, I guess no student from IIT Guwahati would be able to turn up!


Thanks for the invitation Ms Kakoli,I will be there and hope to derive maximum benefit for me and my organisation.

Nilakshi Das

I wish I was in Guwahati to attend the meet. I will try and be a support from Bangalore. :)

Kakoli Das

spsneo - Lets do a follow up event in IIT-G in a more structured manner. Some profs suggested that as well - mentioned its a very good event for IIT-G

shahidul854 - Thank you!

Nilakshi Das - I miss you a lot while I'm running around. I wish you were here. But you're already doing a lot from Bangalore

blood hound

Are there any events/workshops conducted by the very same group in Mumbai or even Navi Mmbai for that mattter??