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The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow.

This is the online complement to that offline network. Meet people, find out what's going on nearby you and then go and take part.

Added by JohnBradford on July 24, 2008


Slum Goddess

must one be an entrepreneur, developer and/or investor to attend? i'm neither of those (apart from promo/investor for a band) but i'm v. interested in meeting others in those fields cause i appreciate learning what i can from them.


It's OpenCoffee so no, but the focus of discussions and people's interests are around new technology, software products and how to make successful businesses out of them.

Having said that, there are some very interesting business models from the music industry that we could all probably learn from in terms of what people value and will pay for.

Slum Goddess

work deadlines permitting, i'd love to listen and learn. thank you!