157 Lafayette Street
New York, New York

If you think you're done with new year partying...you're not!

Join us after work for a 2 hour open bar Champagne and Vodka party for our 20s & 30s members only. Get the King Tut treatment at our Egyptian Hookah Bar Party.



7:00 PM: Champagne Open Bar
Sip on exquisite Russian Champagne or Christalino while contemplating
hieroglyphics painted floor-to-ceiling art and enjoy the faint scent of hookah in the air.

8:00 PM: Order your own sushi and hookah (cash bar...see menu)
Receive a bonus/complementary exotic tropical oasis martini made from Saintard's Royal Cream Rum for this hour.

9:00 PM: Open Vodka Bar sponsored by Christiana Organic Vodka
This vodka is the smoothest Vodka in the world. So do enjoy your royal treatment of this hour.

10:00 PM: End of Vodka Open bar
Meet DJ Ryuhichi on the dance floor for some house music, hip hop, pop, old school r&b.

11:00 PM: Feel free to stay till 1:00 AM. Enjoy the 17 hookah flavors and the Exotic Martinis you will not find anywhere else in NYC.

Official Website: http://www.reallivepeopleparty.com/singles-parties/event1245.html

Added by NYCBNG and SBNG on January 2, 2008