222 Marylebone Road
London, England NW1 6JQ

OPA Forum for the Future brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss topics of global import to the media business.

* The Business Model and Monetization of Media: How to transform the economics of your business and leverage innovation to create new value
* The Internationalization of Global Media Brands: How are major media brands extending their reach beyond local borders and how are they monetizing these new audiences
* Marketing to the Social Web: How digital customer communities build your business
* Managing a Global Brand: How are major marketers leveraging online to build global brands and what is the role of the publishers
* The Mobile Platform: What should media companies, suppliers and marketers do to successfully scale their mobile businesses
* Getting Beyond Pre-roll: What are publishers and marketers doing to build innovative video formats
* The Future of Media: Inspiration, irritation and illumination

Official Website: http://www.online-publishers.org/globalforum/

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