1st Ave and 4 St SW
Calgary, Alberta

The folk fest outside The Folk Fest.

A make your own, bring your own festival outside the Calgary Folk Music Festival on Prince's Island.

Unorganized, Unhinged, Unmitigated,
...Unsponsored, Unfunded, Undone.
Unorthodox, Unstoppable, Unabashed, Unsanctioned,
Uncontrolled, Unprovoked, Unauthorized,
Unarguable, Unafraid, and wholly Unacceptable.

Because this unfestival is exactly what the public makes it, it only happens if you help in some way to bring music, bring performances, busk, bring furnishings, bring family and friends, or most importantly: participate.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=144005125611068

Added by ItzaFineDay on July 17, 2010



Oopfest is an "unfestival" outside the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Intended to be open, inclusive, and free to all, an "unfestival" in this sense is not organized by any central authority or steering committee, it doesn't have sponsors or funders, and it is created entirely by participants and performers doi...ng their own thing. (ie. "The Burning Man Festival.") We are contributing and expanding in an organic fashion to what is already an enjoyable festival inside so that folks and performers of all stripes have a space to celebrate and embrace community and the arts.So, please come "make your own festival" on Prince's Island, July 23rd to 25th with other folks, whether you're a performer, the audience, or anything in between.

If you know performers of any sort, please encourage them to come. If you have furnishings - whether carpet, canopies, or chesterfields, please bring them. If you have refreshments to share (selling the is only permitted according to Calgary's normal permitting process), then please bring them too. You know... like a container of water. Or a watermelon.

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