900 Alta Ave
Mountain View, California 94043

As broadband penetration becomes pervasive and distribution technology continues to improve, the proliferation of online video is expected to undergo phenomenal growth. Users now control what to watch, where, and when to watch it. Google's acquisition of YouTube validated online video as a revolutionary new advertising platform. Mainstream companies are taking notice of this opportunity to reach and connect with consumers in unique ways. This panel will examine some of the business, legal, and technological implications of this new medium for advertisers and marketers. It will also discuss the impact of social networking and user generated content in online advertising and marketing, legal implications of use and reuse of content, and monetization strategies.

Please join us on February 15th for this event featuring the following speakers.

Todd Murtha, VP, Business & Legal Affairs, Fox Interactive Media, Inc.




About Silicon Valley WebGuild:
The Silicon Valley WebGuild (SVWG) is dedicated to the advancement of web technologies to information technology professionals, by providing a collaborative environment. Our monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at Google Inc., 900 Alta Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043.

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