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With the the rise of YouTube, iTunes, and the ubiquity of Flash-based multimedia services, internet video and has become easier, cheaper and more popular than ever before. Photo slideshows, interactive presentations, games, and virtual worlds have become more common elements of the online experience. These rich media provide nonprofits and policy organizations new opportunities to tell stories, advocate, raise funds, and motivate supporters. They also create new costs and expectations.

In this Web Executive Seminar hosted by Forum One, This session will explore how several organizations are effectively (and cost-effectively) using video and rich media to stimulate action and spread policy ideas to supporters, decision-makers and the news media.

* Jeremy Ames, manager of EPA's Radon Video Contest, the first YouTube contest run by a federal agency.
* Morgan Jindrich, co-director, Cover America Tour, a project of Consumers Union, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports.
* Marci McCoy-Roth, co-director of Kids Are Waiting campaign, a project of the Pew Charitable Trusts.
* Suvasini Patel, Communications & Outreach Manager, The Hub, the "YouTube for human rights" and initiative of WITNESS.

Official Website: http://www.forumone.com/video

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I believe the date of this event is actually the 29th, not Sunday the 19th.

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I'm confused. There's a fee for this?

See http://www.forumone.com/content/calendar/detail/2685


If you interested in meeting local designers, show up for this event--


Yes, this event is on Oct. 29, 2008. There is a fee for this event. Go to http://www.forumone.com/video for details.