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With more than 20% of all media consumption on-line it is vital that you engage your customers through the web channel. While search and e-mail have often led the way brands are beginning to recognise the importance of on-line advertising in the digital mix and its effect on buying behaviour – online and off.

However, like most marketing channels, it is at its most effective when it is planned, bought, executed and measured correctly. This seminar aims to establish best practice and give delegates the tools to ensure their campaigns deliver as effectively as they can.

Anyone who has responsibility for acquiring customers on-line or building brand awareness including brand managers, digital marketing managers, campaign managers and account handlers, e-marketing executives and planners. This is an intermediate level course and as such it is recommended that you have at least some online marketing experience.

After attending this course, you will be able to:
- Understand the scope and tools of online Advertising – its scope is probably a lot larger than you expected.
- Learn how to develop an online Advertising strategy for a specific audience to support different types of outcomes
- Understand the importance of analytics and tracking and be able to instigate relevant methods of measuring effectiveness

By the end of the session, the delegates will be able to deliver the business case for an interactive advertising campaign.
They will do this by:
1. Identifying the unique opportunities available in the online space
2. Creating an appropriate online briefing template
3. Demonstrating the ability to evaluate an online media solution/schedule
4. Forecasting and then Measuring the success of their online campaign


Planning and strategy

• How does the Internet differ from other marketing channels?
• Audience beahviour online
• Who's spending and what on - some context
• How do the unique characteristics of online dictate your approach?
• What are the key factors that will influence your online strategy?
• How can you overcome the key challenges of online advertising and maximize ROI?

Online advertising: how to attract more site traffic and build your brand online

• Understanding the role of online media in the decision making process
• How to buy behaviour rather than demographics
• Getting a feel for response vs branding task media planning
• Planning for real-time behavioural and sequential-consideration activity
• What works when
• Media buying options, rates and negotiation
• The importance of integration with other channels
• Developing a good brief and understanding channel split

Optimising performance through creative execution

• The role of creative in generating response
• Available formats and what the future might hold
• Brand interaction to build customer understanding

Delivery, measurement and analysis

• 3rd party Adserving options and how to use them effectively
• Analytics and online Advertising
• Measuring campaign effectiveness beyond clicks and sales
• Using 3rd party research tools such as Hitwise to understand the wider context

James A. Matthewson is a digital & direct marketing specialist with
extensive experience of developing and delivering Digital Marketing, e-
Commerce and e-Business strategies for clients across the world.

James’ industry experience is vast, working as a digital marketing
practitioner and trainer across many B2B and B2C sectors for clients such
as Pernod Ricard (Martell Cognac), The Institute of Direct Marketing, IBM,
Kalido (Shell International) and Michelin.

James is also a published author in the subjects of e-Business, Digital &
Mobile Marketing and regularly writes for various publications on the
subject of Internet marketing and business.

Official Website: http://www.e-consultancy.com/knowledge/events/1214/online-media-planning-and-buying--london-seminar.html

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