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NMA and Marketing Week have expanded the Online Marketing Show to include the role played by media in marketing communications.

The event, renamed Online Marketing & Media 08, taking place on 24th - 25th June 2008, will see media owners represented on the show floor and on the conference platforms, and dedicated media sessions will also be added to the conference.

"In the interactive space it's impossible to separate the message from the medium in which it appears, whether that's a question of ads appearing next to inappropriate content, or exploiting emerging media platforms to deliver innovative advertising," said NMA editor-in-chief Michael Nutley.

"By adding media owners to the Online Marketing Show, we're bringing content and context together."

Official Website: http://www.onlinemarketingshow.co.uk/

Added by Judith Lewis - deCabbit on December 18, 2007


Jon MediaStarz.co.uk Clarke

Hi added it to the online advertising social network at http://www.mediastarz.co.uk too where all other industry and social events are listed.

You might like to edit the dates above though, 24 June to the 25 JULY!!!, my it's a lot longer than last year's.... All the best. JC. See you there.