559 Nathan Abbott Way
Palo Alto, California 94305

Creating Deliberative Democracy Online:
Deliberative Polling and its Implications

with Professors James Fishkin and Shanto Iyengar

Room 80 (Moot Courtroom)
Stanford Law School
Lunch will be provided

James Fishkin has just come to Stanford as the Janet M. Peck Professor of International Communication and Professor of Political Science (by courtesy) as well as Director of Stanford's new Center for Deliberative Democracy. He is the author of Democracy and Deliberation: New Directions for Democratic Reform (Yale Press 1991), The Voice of the People: Public Opinion and Democracy (Yale Press 1995) and co-author with Bruce Ackerman of Deliberation Day (Yale Press 2004). He invented Deliberative Polling and has employed it in more than 20 projects, some national and some local in various countries around the world.

Shanto Iyengar is Chair of the Stanford Communication Department and holds a joint appointment in the Department of Political Science. His areas of expertise include American politics, political communication, and the study of public opinion. He is the author of several books including Going Negative: How Negative Advertisements Shrink and Polarize the Electorate.

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