1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, Texas 77010

Official Website: http://www.oni-con.com

Added by SARudy on May 24, 2007


Forever Purity

Rangers vs Skirts Dodgeball WHOOT!

Kai Hiwatari-kun

=3 I'm definitely going to this! look for someone as afro samurai with a reverse blade. XD that'll be me.

Kai Hiwatari-kun

Oh, be sure to register before sept 30th or you'll be paying $35 instead of $32!

Forever Purity

After months of work, and after finally having - what I thought - was a secure ride all the way to Houston, the girls parents had to drop the gravel and say "no" for some odd reason. Anyways...

I live in Round Rock. I can't meet up about anywhere in the Round Rock/Austin area.
I'm trying to leave Round Rock around 1 or so on Thursday (however, I can leave friday if the need be, I will just have to contact Sven to let him know that and HOPE not to get my ear chewed off... lol), getting to houston between 5 and 6 for a meeting; as I'm working in security.

I have two others with me. We're all working security.

Please Help.
Drop me a line @ [email protected]