64 3rd St Nw
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

One Hand Loves the Other performing live! A band that's hard to describe; a few attempts have been made...

Creative Loafing - "The fusion of organic and electronic instruments proves that -- in this group's hands -- pop can be just as compelling and absolute as classical music."

- Stomp and Stammer
"::OHLtO:: surely have one of the most unique sounds of any group currently calling Atlanta home...or from anywhere for that matter. Electronic percussion blurps and blips like artillery fire across a neo-classical bed of cello, piano, synths and flute, while airy, otherworldly vocals hoverhither and yon, fey and theatrical, bordering on operatic."

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Amanda Ray

In a time where most people feel safe banking on an album being better than the live show, it?s refreshing to know that fans found a deeper appreciation for Amanda Ray?s album after hearing her live. Along with her band, she blends electronic sounds with live instrumentation for a more live experimental experience.
As co-producer and writer of her first album, Amanda Ray reveals a more intimate connection to each song. The dark resonance in her voice balances the ambient, electronic sounds played on her keyboard. For example, the beautifully recorded, Body of Gold takes you to far off fantasies, while the live version, leaves you there.

Along with her eclectic sci-fi influenced look, this cerebral artist brings a new experience leaving a lasting cinematic soundtrack to your evening.

nerdkween http://www.myspace.com/nerdkween

nerdkween blends styles and explores the depths of the mind, heart, and soul. This is where dreamy and raw pop combine; layered with jazzy phrasing, country twangs, and simplistic yet eerie power in a low fidelity format.


Eiliyas is the project of Eiliyas. Eiliyas doesn't know how to describe Eiliyas. But all Eiliyas knows is that Eiliyas loves Eiliyas. Eiliyas has been doing Eiliyas for about 8 yrs now, but Eiliyas didn't start to really try and push Eiliyas until close to this past year, which kinda doesn't make sense sense Eiliyas loves Eiliyas sooooo much.

Doors @ 9pm
Show @ 9:30pm
$10 Admission for 21+
$15 Admission for 18+

Official Website: http://www.apachecafe.info

Added by Apache on October 30, 2007