750 Kearny Street
San Francisco, California 94108

Opening April 5 at 6pm, running through April 28

On the Edge of Culture, the current group exhibition at the Chinese Culture Center (CCC), features the work of Carol Koffel, CCC's first non-Chinese Artist-in-Residence, 2010 XianRui artist Stella Zhang, three emerging artists from China selected for this year's Young Artist Showcase, and works from a video exchange collaboration with Fei Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai.

Koffel's interactive installation "Without Passport" reflects on difference - a poetic barrier of gossamer fabric distances the viewer from illuminated porcelain catchments suspended in the air. In a space set up to highlight the possibility of minimal intervention, hanging scrolls cast soft shadows while viewers are invited to take up calligraphy instruments to engage in a play between tradition and improvisation.

Stella Zhang contributes a sculptural fabric installation entitled "0" as well as a series of paintings entitled "0-Touch." Works from the Young Artist Showcase include Jiang Xueman's video "Tomorrow," which juxtaposes faux traditional almanac calendars against the skyline of a high tech Chinese cityscape; a series of watercolor and ink paintings by Liu Yin that conjure memories of light-hearted schoolgirls and love but are imbued with ambiguous and often fatal endings; and Liang Liting's powerful ink paintings that create the sensation of inhabiting a woman's body.

A rotating assortment of videos by Chinese artists curated by Fei Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai is also on view as part of an ongoing collaboration.

On the Edge of Culture is the culmination of the CCC's experimental and ongoing artist incubator program developed to facilitate cultural exchange.

Tuesdays - Saturdays 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sundays 12 - 4 p.m.

Chinese Culture Center, 750 Kearny St., 3rd Floor (inside the Hilton Hotel)


Official Website: http://www.c-c-c.org

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