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Join us at the Science Pub on Monday, March 26 at 7:00pm for:

Let the Forests Burn
with Dick Mangan, President of Blackbull Wildfire Services http://www.blackbull-wildfire.com/, and former President of the International Association of Wildland Fire http://www.iawfonline.org

Fire has been present in the forests of the Pacific Northwest long before the arrival of European man, and will likely continue to play an important role in our wildlands for coming generations. The past 100 years have seen many attempts to suppress fires across Oregon and the West, but often to no avail: the 2002 Biscuit Fire in southern Oregon burned for several months and cost hundreds of millions in suppression costs, yet only stopped its forward spread when the rains came. The recently completed 2006 fire season saw the Federal agencies spend over $1 Billion again. The Science Pub will address the natural role of fire in the Pacific Northwest, the changes that have occurred since the days of Lewis and Clark, and the ever-changing expectations and demands of the American public as they move away from the urban setting and into the areas now being called the "wildland-urban interface".

Dick Mangan of Missoula, Montana, is a retired member of the US Forest Service in Fire Management and now has a private fire consulting company, Blackbull Wildfire Services. He served as the President of the International Association of Wildland Fire for 2004-2006 and has lectured on wildfire issues across the US and Canada, as well as in Spain, Portugal, Australia and Siberia. Dick remains active in wildfire suppression operations, working as the Operations Chief or Safety Officer on some of the US's largest wildfires.

When: Monday, March 26
Presentation begins at 7:00pm and will last around 1.5 to 2 hours. We've been drawing very large crowds, so be sure to come early if you want to order food and drinks!

Where: bridgeport brewpub + bakery, 1313 NW Marshall, Portland, OR http://www.bridgeportbrew.com/

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