1945 Se Water Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Tickets on sale March 15.

Official Website: http://www.omsi.edu/visit/featured/bodyworlds/

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If you have never seen this exhibit, you must now. It changed my life forever, when I saw what we look like on the inside. You might have seen pictures or digital scans or virtual reality, but nothing comes close to what you will see at this exhibit.

Not for the faint of heart though. Many people have difficulty viewing human remains, whether plastified with their skin flayed out, or not.


*contains spoilers*
Definitely worth seeing this exhibit if it ever comes through your town as pt. III or as pt. IV. While I was fascinated at every turn of the exhibit, there were times where I would just stop and remind myself that you are looking at a real human body. From time-to-time it would bother me, not in a 'I want to stop the viewing' way, but I didn't spend ten years in med-school and a body isn't just a body to me. I am such a science nerd though, I loved the show. After leaving and allowing my mind to soak it all up, I have a few issues with the people who "own" the exhibit and the amount of money that they are making compared to whatever they paid their "future stars". I'm not suggesting body snatching like some people are. I don't know how to really express what or how it exactly bothered me...it's probably just because of how I was raised within our society and how the human body is supposed to mean more than say that camle that is on display at Body Worlds III. I don't know, I know I'm rambling at this point, but like I said...I can't really put a finger on what it is. But GO SEE IT and make up your own mind versus letting your church, friend, family member or right-wing AM radio talk show host tell you how you're supposed to feel about it.

Oh and one little sidenote which I found odd and quite ridiculous, at one point in the exhibit you are able to view human fetuses but not w/out a warning. They wanted to let you know that: a) the fetuses were "naturally" obtained, in otherwords NOT via abortion, and b) just in case you were too squeamish, even though you just got done with most of th tour and you had just lay witness to dozens upon dozens of human remains already. This is just my little issue with my fellow citizens, get with reality and join the rest of the nation in regards to making sense with your f**king idiotic "value system"! In other words, okay I can understand letting people know that none of the fetuses were aborted because of what that would mean and what kind of ruckus (to put it lightly) that would cause the tour. But why in the hell would it be harder to view tiny fetuses, most of which were much smaller than a kidney bean, than adult men and women who had spent an entire life (literally) with loved ones and friends!? And not to get all detailed, but a fetus is so small and most of the organs are so underdeveloped (NO I am not implying anything so lay off), I found it much more intense to view a 6ft tall and 200lb dead human body! Just my take.