1755 N. Highland Avenue
Hollywood, California

Welcome to the Machine

Is the Internet Chewing up Everything in its Path?
With the ever-growing fast pace of online advertising, knowledge is key.

At OMMA Hollywood, you will hear from leading innovators who have embraced the Web, continue to learn how to involve consumers, and manage during times of dynamic change in the content and media universes.

Here is what you should expect to experience while attending OMMA Hollywood:

* Hear from the top names in the industry as they share the secrets of connecting with consumers in today’s fragmented media world
* Gain valuable knowledge and insights into emerging markets and trends
* Discover the best practices for online marketing and advertising
* Network with hundreds of VIPs, brand marketers, and agency executives
* Benefit from highly-specialized sessions on search, e-mail, behavioral targeting, publishing, podcasting, blogging, mobile marketing and so much more

Who Should Attend?

The attendees for this event are the backbone of the interactive industry. They are the advertisers and the agency executives, brand managers, marketing managers, media planners, buyers, creative directors, sellers, and suppliers who live and breathe online. They have had their fill of research about how much to spend on interactive in the media mix and now want actionable information on how to better spend the budgets they already control. Our audience is focused on delivering powerful campaigns, breakthrough ideas and unrivaled ROI by honing their interactive expertise.

For event information, please contact Nick Friese at [email protected].

Official Website: http://www.mediapost.com/omma/

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