4912 Leavenworth St
Omaha, Nebraska 68106

Come join us for a cemetery photo walk at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Founded in 1873, it has several truly beautiful markers, monuments, and mausoleums.

There are at least 11 famous people buried there according to Find A Grave including Edward Creighton (Yes, that Creighton) and Skip Stephenson of the early 80s tv show Real People. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that show.)

The cemetery is on the north side of Leavenworth just west of Saddle Creek. When you turn in, veer slightly to the right and head up the hill. At the top you'll see a roundabout. It's the only roundabout in the cemetery. We'll meet up there.

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/omaha_nebraska/

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This event may be canceled due to weather. Go to the Omaha discussion thread for more information.


Okay peeps, it's just going to be too dang cold on 4/7 thanks to this cold snap. I'm rescheduling for the morning of 4/21. Those who want can go from here to Elmwood Park afterwards, which is very close, by for Earth Day.


Also, for those who still want to get together on Sat. 4/07 - I'll put an event together to meet at Joslyn.


Too cold?? When Lincoln went to Wyuka Cemetery in February it was 23 degrees and there was snow on the ground. Weenies. Just Kidding!! LOL Talk about "Extreme Photowalks". : ) That was my first flickr walk ever, so the rest should be easy as pie.

I doubt I'll make it up for this one, but I can't wait to see everyone's photos!!


Yeah, this should be a cakewalk temperature wise compared to the Wyuka walk. :-) I plan on being at this one. 95% sure. My first Omaha walk!!! It's been a long time coming.


Sorry, folks. Family committment is going to keep me out of this one. dang it.

But, I'm going to try to get to Earth day this afternoon.