2416 Cuming St
Omaha, Nebraska 68131

What happens at a Bookcrossing Meetup?
Readers get together, usually bring books to share, browse and take books of interest which others brought, and socialize about what they're reading, favorite genres and authors, or the conversation may not be about books at all. The conversation is pretty fluid. After reading a book, you go to the Bookcrossing website to review it and put in a journal entry when you release it to someone else.

What joins us together is Bookcrossing.com
At Bookcrossing.com, people register books, review them, and create virtual bookshelves. The goal of Bookcrossing is to make the world a library. Books are given freely, traded, and tracked on their journey by bcid (bookcrossing id) numbers. Come on down to the meetup and we'll show you how it happens.

Readers, feel free to come and check out a meetup. You don't have to bring any books to share. If you do, we'll have extra id stickers for you to use so you can track them. Children accompanied by adults are welcome.

Nebraska Bookcrossers Yahoo Group

Official Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NebraskaBookCrossers/

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I can't make it this month... it's National Hunger Awareness Day, and I promised to take pictures for a Food Bank event. :( If you want to meet some other day this month, I can probably make it. Otherwise, I'll see you in July.


I'll be there. I even got an upcoming tshirt I might wear. We need to figure out a date for July. The first week is out for me due to holiday and potential vacation.