643 Broadway, entrance on Bleecker
New York City, New York

Prima Lux Presents:
"Old School Rules"
Thursday, May 11th

Peace Family, We regret to inform that one of our own is no longer with us in the physical. His name was DJ Dusk and he was the very definition of a peaceful warrior. A man of many attributes "Music Man, Teacher, Student, Pro-Activist and lover of all things beautiful". His passing came suddenly and we now find i ourselves suddenly grasping to make sense of it all. This man gave much and now it's our time to give back.

We shall carry on in honor of him and we hope you will join us in celebration of this extraordinary human being. This show was planned months in advance and it has now taken on a entirely new meaning. Not only was this show planned by Dusk, it is now for him. The proceeds will go to helping his family in this time of need.

N.Y. stand up
On may 11th we celebrate the life of DJ Dusk! Make some motherf*ckin noise!

Our Brother... We love you... Rest In Power

"Old School Rules": This month we give you something really special when the hands of time will turn back and stop at an era when hip-hop was a baby, and in a rare appearance it's fathers have been chosen to bless the 1's and 2's for the evening and give you an understanding of just what set this whole thing off....

"Old School Rules"

Not just a party, it's a celebration...

An evening dedicated to the impact Hip Hop has made on the world and our reality as we know it. It's a way of life for some, a way to make a living for others and for those seeking a release, it can be medicine. In recognition of this powerful form of music we turn to the root bearers, with homage for their contribution in giving birth to this cultural art we call Hip Hop And it don't stop!

Three kings from New York's royal family have been invited to come smash a party with us, in classic boogie down fashion. These legendary DJ's are the original architects,
and now they'll build with us and share in the nostalgia of a time gone, but not forgotten.

Show your love from N.Y. to L.A. and to the Bay... This one's for the love of hip-hop.

We STILL love H.E.R.

Afrika Bambaataa Kool DJ Herc Jazzy Jay

The New Generation:
DJ Spinna Rich Medina Ge-ology
Eli Escobar DJ Center

Located @ Table 50
643 Broadway @ Bleecker NYC, 10012
Trains: F/V/B/D to Broadway/Lafayette N/R to Prince

For further inquiries, email [email protected]
$15 at the door :: 21+ :: 9pm - 4am

(for one night only in loving memory of DUSK)
100% off the proceeds will go towards the Captan Family

This week's Music Lounge Radio show in the Giant Step Jukebox is dedicated to the living memory of DJ Dusk:click here to listen

Dig Deeper...
Kool DJ Herc ( photo courtesy of Joe Conzo )
Kool DJ Herc (born Clive Campbell on April 16, 1955) is a Jamaican-American musician and producer, generally credited as a pioneer of hip hop during the 1970s. He was the originator of break-beat deejaying, where the breaks of funk songs being the most danceable part, often featuring percussion were isolated and repeated for the purpose of all-night dance parties (AMG). Later DJs such as Grandmaster Flash refined and developed the use of break-beats, including cutting.
He is also well known for his massive high quality volume sound system, against which even superior DJs could not compete (Toop, 1991). Herc from Herc from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the original name was Kool Herc and the Herculoids first used reggae records and was toasting to the music like Jamaican artists U-Roy and I-Roy. But he started using funk records due to popular demand. Kool DJ Herc and his MC crew The Herculoids "started a movement which recycled the creativity of black American jive jocks back into the USA" (Toop 39). The relationship between hip hop and reggae became more important again with reggae artists and rappers collaborating with each other, from Yellowman and Afrika Bambaataa to KRS One and Shabba Ranks. Hip hop and reggae still influence each other in both directions.
During the later part of the decade, Herc was stabbed at one of his own parties, sidelining him during most of the 1980s as hip hop spread throughout the country. During the 1990s, he made several appearances, gave interviews, and appeared on The Godfathers of Threat by Terminator X (a DJ with Public Enemy). He still DJs around the world.

Afrika Bambaataa
Afrika Bambaataa Aasim began DJing in 1970 and as a teen was a member of the Savage Seven street gang which grew into the Black Spades. In 1973, Bam formed the ZULU Nation, a youth organization that promoted music, art and culture instead of violence. Throughout the 70's, Bambaataa, along with Grandmaster Flash and DJ Kool Herc, laid the foundation for Hip Hop in the Bronx. Bam became known as the "Master of Records" for his extensive collection and the obscure sounds he popularized at places like the Bronx River Center, T-Connection, Negril and the Roxy. He made famous classic breaks like "Dance to the Drummers Beat" by Herman Kelly and "Champ" by the Mohawks. Bam started making records in 1980 and recorded with a loose collective that included the Jazzy 5, the Kryptic Crew, the Cosmic Force, the Soulsonic Force, Shango and Time Zone. In 1982, the Soulsonic Force made music history when they released "Planet Rock", one of the earliest records to use the TR 808. This song, with its electro funk production, influenced dance music forever and inspired Detroit techno, Miami bass and Latin freestyle. The 80's and 90's saw Bam moving forward with his unique brand of fusion, working with everyone from James Brown to John Lydon, Sly and Robbie to George Clinton. Since its inception, the ZULU Nation has become the largest grassroots youth movement in Hip Hop history, with chapters around the globe. All the while, Bambaataa continues to promote peace and unity through music, forever "Looking for the Perfect Beat."

Jazzy Jay
Jazzy Jay's story begins in the Bronx, during the 1970s, when Zulu's ruled the streets and Hip Hop culture became a consolidated movement of inner city youth. He grew up under the guidance of his older cousin, Kool DJ Red Alert and Afrika Bambaataa. Originally a Zulu King dancer in the early 70s, Jay quickly joined the respected ranks of the Zulu Nation DJs and was part of the extended family of Zulu groups, including the Jazzy 5, which recorded the classic Jazzy Sensation. In the 80s, as Hip Hop moved beyond the Bronx, downtown through Manhattan, Jay played at some of the hottest spots, like Negril, the Roxy, the Ritz and Danceteria. He was also an early pioneer on the airwaves, where his three-hour show on KISS FM became so popular that it was syndicated on Europe's Radio One broadcast. Jay reached yet another level of fame with the release of the classic film Beat Street in 1984, in which in he had a cameo appearance, as well as production credit on the soundtrack. It was around this time that Jay met Rick Rubin and helped him lay the foundation for what would become Def Jam Records. The labels first official single was the seminal Hip Hop classic "Its Yours by" T La Rock and Jazzy Jay. Later, Jay would introduce Rubin to Russell Simmons. The two would go on to forge one of the most significant relationships in Hip Hop history. Jazzy Jay also put out the 3rd Def Jam 12" in 1985 called "Def Jam" b/w "Cold Chillin' In The Spot" with Russell Simmons on vocals. Jazzy furthered his producing and engineering skills when he founded Jazzy Jay's Studio, the legendary lab in the Bronx where Diamond D, Fat Joe, Brand Nubian and A Tribe Called Quest, among others, could begin their careers. Jay eventually started his own label called Strong City Records through a partnership with Rocky Bucano. Strong City produced a multitude of hits from class acts like with Ice Cream Tee, the Masters of Ceremony, Busy Bee, and Don Baron. Jazzy was inducted into the Technics/DMC DJ Hall of Fame in 2000 and featured in the DJ documentary "Scratch" which premiered at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

DJ Spinna ( Soul Slam / WONDER-Full / Behind the Groove )
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, DJ Spinna is regarded as one of the most versatile and talented producers/DJ's/remixers in today's musical arena. DJ Spinna has been a purveyor of quality music since the commencement of his production career. DJ Spinna's accomplishments surpass those of most DJs, though primarily known for his hip-hop work, Spinna also expanded his reach to include downtempo house music as well. The New York DJ remixed tracks for many artists such as Soulstice and Nightmares on Wax. He also produced a number of artists such as rappers Guru and J-Live and his own rap group, Jigmastas. Along with his partner, MC Kriminul, the duo debuted as Jigmastas in 1996 with the single "Beyond Real," which they released on their own independently operated label of the same name. Besides his Jigmastas albums and his productions including Here to There, Spinna mixed several albums for various labels and has several incredible remixes including Sean Escofferys Days Like This as well as J Dilla bred Platinum Pied Pipers.

Rich Medina ( Lil Rickys / Jump n Funk / Leaving this Planet )
Rich Medina is an accomplished Producer, DJ, Poet, and Personality on the underground music scene, worldwide. Connecting the dots between Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Spoken Word, Afro Beat and Bass Heavy Future Soul, "Big Rich" is ready to deliver one of the most comprehensive progressive soul albums of our generation. Although hes garnered world-wide acclaim through his trademark DJ stylings, as a producer, he is soul musics best-kept secret, remaining under the radar while developing both his compositional techniques and artist relationships. You may have heard the now-popular PPP (Platinum Pied Pipers) remix, his production on the seminal "Who Is Jill Scott?" album, his deep baritone guiding you through King Britt's "Adventures in Lo-fi", or his spoken word intros on EA Sports NBA Street Vol 3. If not, his dynamic and hard-hitting debut CD will confirm what you may have already suspected.

Ge-ology ( Female Fun / Time-Warp )
Visual artist, producer, music connoisseur and friend of many, Ge-ology is also a Renaissance man. Like his visual style, intricate, referential street and vibrant, Ge-ology Djs a solid mix of buttery hip hop, fluid syncopations and progressive soul. Providing Tupacs Shakurs first beat, producing tracks for Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, De La Soul, Jem, Bahamadia, Mystic and many others, touring abroad w/ the art collective "The Barnstormers", designing Rawkus 12"s, Geology has proven that music and art, lineage and forward thinking are all mutually exclusive.

Eli Escobar ( Fondle'em / Fruitmeat / Cloudkickers NYC )
Well respected DJ/Producer/Musician from Manhattan began his musical career in the 90s with his punk rock band 13 Stitches (featured in the documentary Afro-Punk). His production on Bezerkowitz and Sub-Cons SubTalk is also impressive as well as his remixes and productions for Fruitmeat & collaborations with Shan Boogie, his Cloudkickers partner. Along with Djing at NYCs premier venues with the likes of DJ Premier, Red Alert and more he performs with dance rock band Alister Doomington.

DJ Center ( Root Down NYC / Music Lounge / Accepted Eclectic )
DJ Center is one third of the Rootdown NYC Soundsystem, and was instrumental in bringing the legendary long-playing Los Angeles party to New York. Alongside residencies in New York City, Center often guests in California and has toured Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, in support of last year's Force of Life 12 release (with former group Open Thought) on Wide Hive Records. In addition to his own nights, Center has been found spreading his soulful palate alongside notable DJs Bobbito, Spinna, Rob Swift, Qool Marv, J-Boogie, Numark, Large Professor, Pete Rock, and Grandmaster Flash, among others. Feel What Im Feelin marks the new CD release that marries the facets of Hip Hop, Soul, and Jazz into a double-disc mix.

Ex Amino, meaning: from the heart sincerely.
Pablo Like Picasso, Dusk, Quiroa and PlanDru

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