316 S Main St
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

"A folk-gospel blend out of New York?s Lower East Side produced by T-Bone Burnett"

Named for the chilling bluegrass gospel singer Ola Belle Reed, Ollabelle is a New York sextet of independent talents who have coalesced into a unique American roots music ensemble. The individual members of Ollabelle have backgrounds that run the gamut from rock and jazz to avant-garde folk and classical music. Together they reimagine gospel, blues, bluegrass, and country for contemporary audiences. At the center of Ollabelle's sound are elaborate vocal harmonies like none other you've heard. The group came together on New York's Lower East Side after September 11, 2001, and within a year punks and avant-garde artists were packing bars to hear their old-time sounds. When producer T-Bone Burnett heard their demo tape, he immediately flew to New York to sign them.

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Remember that The Ark has a jukebox at http://www.theark.org which lets you listen to tracks by artists - both Ollabelle and Vic Chestnutt have cuts online for your free listening now.