2011 W North Ave
Chicago, Illinois

Added by unnamable on June 24, 2005



with Sybris & Gaberdine.
show is at 10:15 pm; 21+; $8.
advance tix here.


well, okkervil are also playing a festival-type thing during the day (with head of femur & olivia tremor control). that's probably why the show starts so late.

i imagine they'll finish around 1 or 1:30, because bar time is 2:30.

subterranean is really small, but i have no idea if okkervil are more popular now than the last time i saw them (with, like, 30 other people) in chicago, so i'm not sure if it'll sell out. then again, i ALWAYS get tickets in advance, because i am paranoid. :)


get in for only $5 with this flyer: http://www.gaberdine.com/gaberdine_7_30.jpg