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Does the word "taxes" have you reacting with a blank, questionable stare?

When making a list of priorities, startups tend to list taxes right above, "getting a plant service for the office." As with most startups, there may be a significant period of time before the business becomes profitable. However, there are business decisions you make today that can greatly affect your income tax situation in the future. These decisions include what type of entity your company wants to be, where your company wants to be located or even how your company obtains sales. Also, there are other types of taxes besides income, e. g. sales, payroll and B & O, that can distract you from the beginning. David Uslan will help get you through the startup "tax maze" so that you can more effectively focus on growing your startup and be well positioned for long-term success.

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Added by Oregon Entrepreneurs Network on August 9, 2011