Portland, Oregon

Beyond the edges of corporate social responsibility is a place where goodness and business and the interplay between the two merge, creating space for interesting new opportunities - opportunities where everyone can win.

This month, join Perry Gruber, CEO and co-founder of NedWater and Mark Grimes, co-founder of Ned, NedSpace, and NedWater as they share stories that go beyond corporate social responsibility and into cause and social marketing: its business value, what it looks like and why these two guys think business, consumers and the economy are going to be forever changed by this evolving social phenomena.


Perry Gruber
Perry Gruber is a social entrepreneur, professional speaker, co-founder and CEO of NedWater - Liquid Change, a Portland-based socially-responsible startup providing philanthropic water service for the workplace. Before becoming a social entrepreneur, he spent eight years in Intel Corporation’s CSR programs, nine years in the Bonneville Power Administration’s media relations department and, before that, nine years as a journalist in the United States Marines. Perry’s award-winning keynotes inspire university, conference, association and business audiences to overcome cynicism and rediscover optimism. Has an MBA graduate from George Fox University.

Mark Grimes
Mark Grimes is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who has started each of his businesses with cash on hand, no business plan and all have been profitable within 90 days. Past founder of eyescream interactive, an advertising agency with clients such as P&G, Nextel, Disney, and Outpost.com. Eyescream was one of the top 20 interactive advertising agencies according to Adweek magazine with annual billings of more than 7.2 million dollars. Mark currently focuses on developing social purpose enterprises and helping other social entrepreneurs develop their business models.

Current businesses include NedSpace (www.nedspace.com) co-working for startups, innovative tech companies, artists, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs; NedWater - liquid change (www.nedwater.net) philanthropic water service for the workplace, and Ned.com (www.ned.com) a member-governed network taking action locally, nationally & globally, in order to make the world a better place.

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