Portland, Oregon

This webinar, hosted by Marshall Kirkpatrick, will help you become a power user of RSS feeds for your work in marketing. Advanced methods of reading and publishing feeds can give you important competitive advantages over your competitors, including first-mover's advantage from rapid market intelligence and better relationships with key stakeholders through contemporary subscription options. This will be a fast paced but accessible session that RSS readers new and old will learn a lot from.

About our speaker: Marshall Kirkpatrick

Marshall Kirkpatrick is a lead writer at ReadWriteWeb.com and a new media consultant (Marshallk.com). He's one of only two people in the world who's written for two of the Top 10 most linked-to blogs on the web. He consults companies very small and very large on RSS and related technologies.

Official Website: https://www.oen.org/apps/web_events/register_contact.php?venue_id=13

Added by Leena Faust on May 6, 2008