Portland, Oregon

Is your current pricing leaving money on the table? Are competitors pressuring you to lower your price? If you could raise your prices and actually sell more, would that be of value to you?

How do you currently price products? Do you try to beat your competitors’ prices, even though you have a superior solution? Do you add a mark-up, based on costs? Do you talk to a few customers and ask what they would be willing to pay? None of these give you a true understanding of what the market will really bear!
If you are open to a different perspective on pricing your products, this session is for you. If you would like to know if the market values your solution less than what it will cost you (so you can stop before starting!), then this session is for you!

This webinar given by Mark Paul is geared towards company owners, presidents and CEOs. Why? Because only you can make the "you bet your company" decisions - that will come from the information in this seminar!

Official Website: https://www.oen.org/apps/web_events/register_contact.php?venue_id=9

Added by Leena Faust on February 19, 2008