1313 Nw Marshall St
Portland, Oregon 97209

Most startups fail. That is a fact. So, how can you be one of the fortunate few that not only survive, but succeed?

Come hear from those who have stared failure in the face and made it blink. Hear how they overcame some or all of the four deadly demons feared by all startups: Product risk, Market risk, Team risk and Financing risk.

OEN has put together a great panel of entrepreneurs who will discuss these risks as a way to help guide entrepreneurs towards minimizing each one, and maximizing their rewards. The panel will include Kanth Gopalpur, CEO Monsoon Inc, David Moffenbeier, Co-founder/COO, Absorbent Technologies and Pete Grillo, Founder/CEO Iterasi.

The registration fee for PubTalk is $15 for OEN Members and $25 for non-members.

Official Website: https://www.oen.org/apps/pubtalk/register_contact.php?venue_id=32

Added by Leena Faust on March 24, 2008