1330 Fukknire St.
San Francisco, California 94115

February 10, 2013

Double Bill!

Sunday, Feb 10

* 7pm $8 adv, $12 door


Some bands create music to fit a genre. Others, like San Francisco-based Odd Owl, create a genre to fit their music. “It’s pretty hard for us to make music that isn’t honest about who we are,” says Caruso, Odd Owl’s lead singer and keyboardist. “What we create is just an extension of our musical experiences, it’s not some role we’re trying to play. Besides,” she laughs, “I’ve never been very good at acting anyways.” Said to “produce some incredible new era indie music” [Br00d, Neighbors Hate Us], the group’s members have fused their musical influences together into their own brand of “indie dance-rock,” drawing from genres such as chamber pop, funk, lo-fi, and alternative dance.

Caruso, a classically-trained vocalist with a master’s in electro-acoustic music, brings an affinity for funk, 60s pop, and vocal harmony in order to create melodies “that people can put in their pocket and take home with them.” Not your usual frontwoman, she also records and produces the band’s albums, provides song arrangements, and tinkers with music technology, using a MIDI controller which connects to her laptop on stage. Jacobsen, a self-taught guitarist and also a prolific songwriter, adds Talking Heads-inspired guitar hooks to the mix as well as his love for wordplay. Drummer Adam Wadenius, in his attention to rhythmic detail, adds subtle, rhythmic shifts “so that the listener won’t see what’s coming next,” which keeps their live sound moving dynamically. And Munoz, Odd Owl’s bassist, is also a musical Swiss Army knife, playing guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, lap steel, harmonica, jaw harp, mandolin, and even spoons. Odd Owl website for more info


Foxtails Brigade present an ornate kind of chamber pop, intricate violin and cello arrangements are anchored by Laura Weinbach’s intricately played classical guitar and pitch perfect vocals. But underneath the simple melodies lie an impeding darkness, a lyrical landscape populated by shadowy and bizarre characters, rife with hints of rot, aging, and death. Foxtails Brigade website for more info

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