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Sun 1/18 7pm $6

Cinema Williamsburg Style

Fail Better

Sometimes failure is a better outcome than success. Accidents, crisis and rejection come easy and often serve as catalysts for artistic, political, or personal production.

The short works in this program offer different expressions of failure: It's an engine, a constant, and maybe it's not our fault anyway. Fail, fail again, fail better. Work includes:

Hand Catching Lead, Richard Serra, 1968, 3min.,
MOMA Screen Test, Reel 21 - Test #7, Andy Warhol, 1966, 4min.,
Winner, Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn, 2002, 16min.,
Principal's Office, CELLmedia, 2001, 5min.,
Room Service, Tony Labat, 8min., 1980,
Unused or Rejected Pieces, Arranged in Order For Lauren, Seth Price, 2003, 10min.,
Atlanta, Miranda July, 1996, 10min.,
Shadowplay, Vito Acconci, 1970, 4min.

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