10/11 Navigation Street
Birmingham, England B2 4BS

Over the winter months last year, starting in October we skipped "organised" walks in favour of social meets at the Coffee Lounge, 10/11 Navigation Street. Are we going to do the same again this year, and is everyone happy with the venue?

For those who are new to the group this year (or have forgotten!) the plan is we meet there for coffee (& cake?) on Sunday Afternoon, then
if the weather is good (and we were fairly lucky last year) then we can head out from the centre to take pictures somewhere nearby (I'm told, for instance that you can get get views over Birmingham from the roof of the Brinsley Place Car Park...). If it is not so good we can stay and chat and plan world domination ... I mean future flickrmeets

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/birmingham_flickrmeets/discuss/72157602085404586/

Added by deplorableword on September 28, 2007