4501 Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, California 91770

Crazy Al Evans’ Tenth Anniversary
and limited edition release party at The Bahooka
featuring exotic music by the Tikiyaki Orchestra
with sword and fire dancer Tehani

Artist reception and party: Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008 – 7 pm – 11 pm.
Bahooka Restaurant
4501 Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770
For dinner reservations call (626) 285-1241
Sales start at 7:00PM.
Lighting ceremony at 8:30PM

Crazy Al Evans website: http://www.tikimania.com/
Online press release with images: http://leejosephpublicity.com/show/crazyalbahooka

Enjoy an enchanted evening with multi-media artist / sculptor Crazy Al Evans and his new limited edition ceramics, artist proofs, new art and special guests! This event celebrates the ten-year anniversary of Evans' Tikis #11, 12 and 13. To commemorate these primordial sculptures in the Crazy AL Tiki Gallery, a new ceramic creation will be debuted at this event. A decanter design of Tiki #12,"Hula Lover, will be sold in a numbered edition in the very room the same tiki was first presented to the public at the Copro/Nason Tiki Art Show of September 19, 1998. Sculpted by Evans to match the original in every detail, the piece is also proportional to its partner Tiki #13 mug. Evans will also introduce a candle-holder miniature of Tiki #11, "Tiki Lantern’” Limited sets of all three designs with be available as well. Evans has once again pushed the envelope and stretched his imagination with the introduction of Tiki #12, "Hula Lover Carafe," which will hold a lightable tiki-torch just like the original! Evans continued to lead the way with more developments in his personal quest for originality. Be there for the re-lighting ceremony of Tiki #12 as Dancer Tahini ignites the celebration with the exotic music of the Tikiyaki Orchestra.

Crazy Al Evans is a Southern California based multi-media artist who has been carving, sculpting and painting tiki imagery since 1990. Nicknamed for his fun and enthusiastic antics, the name also suits him for his manic and detailed carving. Evans’ Polynesian Pop-inspired sculptures can be found from Hawaii to New York. Through his one-man company, Bone Productions, his limited-edition tiki-inspired resins and mugs can be found worldwide. Paying tribute to the original Polynesian artisans from the South Pacific as well as majestic cultural icons of primitive cultures, Evans brands his art with unique craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail, giving each one of his creations meaning and importance and avoiding the use of cartoon imagery and bright colors. His palm sculpts, velvet paintings, dioramas, hardwood carvings, utilitarian objects (such as lamps and cabinets) and environmental installations are an exciting mix of authentic design and modern concepts.

Born in 1967, Evans grew up in the Scottsdale area of Phoenix, AZ surrounded by the ever-present Polynesian-Pop of the era, and claims his dad's collection of Native American art, namely Hopi Kachina Dolls, as a major inspiration on his own art. Greatly inspired by the primitive arts, his tiki sculptures always have a specific propose by paying tribute to a particular person, thing, event or activity.
Evans graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, but is self-taught in the art of carving. He works almost exclusively with palm wood, using each dramatically different layer to help create the complexities in his designs. Exalting the once living tree, Evans leaves the bark on his finished piece. The manipulation of its complex texture gives even more depth and detail to each sculpture. Since 1996, Evans has carved around 150 tikis each assigned a number. In 2004, Evans began making limited mugs in his "Crazy Al Tiki Gallery Line of Ceramic Editions" for which he sculpts exact replicas of his large tikis in miniature.
Evans is also the front man of the band Ape who perform a rousing set of classic Hawaiian sounds using steel guitars and ukulele with guitars, bass and drums. During their enchanting sets, Evans plays percussion with an axe and a log, carving a tiki in the process! Of course the tikis carved during Ape's set look much simpler than the works that take him 45-100 hours from start to finish. However, these sculpts created in as little as 45 minutes contain the energies of the event from which they were created; they have an individual striking presence all their own.

Crazy Al Evans also does commercial work, sculpting toys for Warner Brothers, Disney, Lucas/Star Wars as well as installations for several establishments such as The Tahiti Restaurant in Hollywood, Kona Club in Oakland, Ka Hale Tiki in Georgia, Lucky Tiki Bar in Los Angeles, Bigfoot Lodge in San Francisco and the Puka Bar in Long Beach. Crazy Al Evans has recently been spotlighted carving tikis on the Discovery Channel 's "Dude Room " and the TV Guide Channel 's "Ready Set Change" as well as many You-Tube videos, and has worked in charity raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims, National Stroke Association and the Honolulu Marathon. Evans currently resides in Sunset Beach, California.

Exhibits and Shows-
-21st Century Tiki /La Luz de Jesus Gallery /Los Angeles /California /USA (1996)
-Dionysus Demolition Derby /Tiki News Magazine /Hollywood /California /USA 1997)
-Tiki Art /Copro-Nason &The Bahooka /Rosemead /California /USA (1998)
-Tiki Art /Copro-Nason &The Key Club /Hollywood /California /USA (1998)
-Tiki & Leeteg /Copro-Nason &Huntington Beach Art Center /Huntington Beach /California /USA (1999)
-Leeteg Tribute /Copro-Nason Gallery /Culver City /California /USA (1999)
-The Definitive Retrospective/Copro-Nason Gallery /Culver City /California /USA (2000)
-Mondo Tiki /Tiki Farm & Hard Rock Casino / Las Vegas /Nevada /USA (2003)
-I Dream of Tiki /M Modern Gallery/ Palm Springs/ California/ USA (2003)
-A Night of Tiki / Von Franco and Friends / Bahooka /Rosemead /California /USA (2004)
-Tiki art Now / Tiki News Magazine Shooting Gallery / San Francisco /USA (2004)
-Tikis and Terrors /A Stuart Gallery /Encino /California /USA (2005)
-Tiki art Now II/ Tiki News Magazine Shooting Gallery / San Francisco /USA (2005)
-10 Year Retrospective Show /Belmont Shores /Long Beach /California /USA (2006)
-10 Year Retrospective Show /La Luz de Jesus Gallery /Los Angeles/California /USA (2006)
-20th Century Tiki /Roq la Rue Gallery /Seattle /Washington /USA (2006)
-Tikis and Terrors /A Stuart Gallery &The Bahooka /Rosemead /California //USA (2006)
-15 year Retrospective Show /Copro-Nason Gallery /Santa Monica /California //USA (2006)
-3rd Annual Gala /DVA Gallery /Chicago / Illinois /USA (2007)
-Tiki Island /Tiki Magazine & Bali Hi /San Diego / California/ USA (2007)
-Surfbeat /Light Gallery /Costa Mesa /California /USA (2008)
-Tiki Caliente /M Modern Gallery/ Palm Springs/ California/ USA (2008)
-4th Annual Gala /DVA Gallery /Chicago / Illinois /USA (2008)
-Hukilau /Harold Golen Gallery /Miami /Florida /USA (2008)
-’In Search of Tiki’/ Copro-Nason, Forest Lawn Museum /Glendale /California /USA (2008)
-Tiki Island Planet Roth /Tiki Magazine & Planet Roth Gallery /San Diego / California/ USA (2008)

Official Website: http://www.tikimania.com

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