Denver, CO
Denver, Colorado

More than just a city for tourists to come and ski, Denver is one of the top nightlife destinations in the nation, featuring a slew of bars that are loved by locals and all. But when Halloween rolls around, the experience is only enhanced, with costumed bodies combing the streets for fun. Organizing a night out with your friends on Halloween isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when you're looking for variety. This year is putting together one of the most anticipated events that Denver has to offer, combining both variety and special pricing!

Tickets are now available for Denver's official Halloween Pub Crawl! Rather then spending your entire Halloween night in one bar with the same crowd, this gives you the opportunity to visit some of the best bars in town and meet new friends while you're at it! Featuring $2 beers and 2 for 1 drinks all night, this Denver Halloween pub crawl will attract a big costumed crowd that's ready to hop around the city!

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