1119 Thorburn Rd
Portugal Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador A1M 1T6

Saturday, July 19 at Portugal Cove – St. Phillips Community Center

Ocean Net is seeking green environmentally-motivated partners for the exciting launch of its "Green Community Fair", scheduled for Saturday, July 19th in Portugal Cove-St. Phillips.

The launch will be in the form of a traveling "Green Community Fair" and will include community partners, including exhibitors including but not limited to:

• A Farmer's Market
• Energy Conservation
• Water Conservation
• Composting
• Recycling
• Divers
• Learn how to plant a garden

The fair will also showcase local food and entertainment, special events for children and youth, a workshop and great networking opportunities! As we proceed to play a leadership role with our ten pilot municipalities in the greening of their communities, the support of our volunteers and partners becomes critically important.

We invite ideas and participation from all NLEN member groups and others in Portugal Cove-St. Phillips as we launch this exciting new province-wide project in your community.

Call Ocean Net at 709.753.3680, or email us at [email protected]

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