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Bangalore, null 560034

Vaibhav, Ramjee and myself are not enough to do - all that we want to do at OCC Bangalore. And sometimes we facilitators are ourselves the bottleneck.

We need more hands on the deck and more ideas, feedback and pointers as to what you want at OCC. Needless to add, we as nurturers / catalysts have our own roadmap for OCC but that counts second to what the whole community needs / wants / desires, etc.

As we are already having a special meet on 21st June, Saturday at CoreObjects on OpenSocial and Facebook, thus the upcoming regular Sunday meet comes to you with the above context.

Please note that we are no way changing / proposing to change the un-conference style or anything that is core to OCC. Can it get better while the core / spirit remains the same and can you individually - help the community in doing that is what we want to know – preferably face to face.

Added by Amarinder Singh on June 17, 2008