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What do we understand by OpenSocial & Facebook platforms? Why do we need them?
What does it take to write useful applications on these platforms?
What are the fine prints and limitations that one should be aware of before making decisions to use these platforms.
Comparison between both the platforms.
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Added by Amarinder Singh on June 16, 2008


Rahul Prajapati


I am also coming to this event

Rajeev Lochan

Amarinder, Will there be Wifi internet access available for the Session ? If yes, we can get our laptops.

Is there going to be demo of any existing Facebook or OpenSocial apps by any OCC member ?


Are we expecting anyone from Google?

Anil Madalgere

Amarinder, I would like to be part of the OCC Group or forums that OCC conducts. I'm a wannabe entrepreneur,What is the criteria to join? Please let me know. Thanks Anil Madalgere

Lakshman Srikanth

Hi folks,

check out
Brief write-up of the OCC meet held.!
add a comment :-)

Lakshman Srikanth