Brigade MLR, #50, Vani Vilas Road, Opp. National College, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore, KARNATAKA 560004

Take Head On Challenges of Building Technology Products

Meet Type: Theme Meet / Interactive Guest Meet

Guest: Mr. Neetibodh Agarwal. He has spend most of his professional years (including Novell & CA) in building software products. Currently he works with CoreObjects, wearing multiple hats in Delivery, Business Development & Strategy. You can learn more about him: (fairly descriptive)

Proposed Agenda:
1. Challenges to Entrepreneurs in their pursuit of Building Technology Products.
2. Similarities and differences in Building Consumer & Enterprise Products.
Note: Thankfully the above will be discussed using real life cases as the foundation (without getting into specific company names & details).

Key Points:
1. The above topics are more from an entrepreneurs and founding teams perspective and less from a pure technologist perspective.
2. If you are essentially a non techie but leading or a part of technology driven startup then don't miss the meet. Neeti will share insights on what should be your approach in product development; managing internal / partner / external teams. Also, how to avoid most common mistakes.
3. The above topics are so vast and there is so much to learn from Neeti so suggest the following:
a. Please be on time so that we start at sharp 10:30 AM.
b. It is a theme meet, wide topic, so if you are late, I am afraid - we can't be repeating the already discussed content.
c. Yes the idea is to have a very interactive session but please be brief, to the point and don't hijack the thread or go off-tangent. Take such discussions off-line. Neeti will be available post the talk as well.
d. To save on time club / bundle similar or closely tied questions so that they get addressed in one go.

Regards / Amarinder / 93431 71420

Added by Amarinder Singh on January 11, 2009