548 4th St
San Francisco, California

Get Satisfaction (http://getsatisfaction.com/) is organizing a meet-up to help coders wrap their heads around the OAuth protocol and do some code sprints to get their projects up and running with it. You can find more information about OAuth at http://oauth.net/ and even download libraries that implement OAuth in many languages (10 are listed as of this writing!).

Come out and meet fellow OAuth implementers, hack on your code, and start using OAuth. Your users shouldn't be entering their Gmail passwords into your app anyway, right?

If you can't attend in person, please feel free to participate at http://oauth.pbwiki.com/OAuthHackathon and in the backchannel #oauth on freenode (web mirror at http://pibb.com/go/oauth).

Six Apart has generously offered their office space to us for the meetup. Get Satisfaction has a tiny office around the corner, but we're expecting a good turnout so we're happy to use their space.

Official Website: http://oauth.net/

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Man this looks cool; I wish I could be there. I'm unfortunately away that weekend :(


Where do you watch at?


If you can't attend, please keep an eye on http://oauth.pbwiki.com/OAuthHackathon and the backchannel #oauth on freenode