361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Calmer, Criterion, Crunc Tesla, Dances with
White Girls, Jared of Purple Crush, Mr. Andersonic, Secret Agent Gel,
Tes, Timeblind, and Velapene Screen.

Now for the rundown of the competition. The battle is going to be 3
rounds - 10 contestants in the first round get 5 min each, they will be
judged and 5 eliminated. 2nd round, 5 contestants get 10 min each, they
will be judged and 2 eliminated. Final round 3 contestants get 10 min
each, they will be judged, and the 1 winner is chosen.

FYI, the 2007 NYC winner will be going to the championship battle in
Seattle next December.

Judging criteria is: overall sound/song quality 50%, live-ness 25%,
audience reaction 25%. judging scale is: overall sound/song: 1-10,
live-ness: 1-5, crowd: 1-5 so each competitor can get a maximum of 20
points per round.

The doors will open to the public at 8:30pm, at 9pm DJ's will start
spinning, and the battle will begin at 10pm and run till about 1:30am or
so, and the club closeing betwen 3am-4am depending.  DJ's Egg Foo Young
& BD1982 will play before, after, and between the battle rounds. All
competitors need to arrive by 7:30pm at the latest, if your not there by
8:30pm a standby will take your slot. The order of the first round
performances will be determined by a picking numbers out of a hat. When
it's your time to play if your computer does not boot/start/play/etc.
you forfeit and a standby will take your slot. The competition allows
only - 1 person, 1 laptop (external mouse is ok), 1 stereo output
(external is ok), and 1 midi controller.

Official Website: http://seclusias.com

Added by timeblind on July 17, 2007