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This collaborative workshop will empower media makers to create their own music videos to music from independent electronic musicians. Emma Sterling and Dan Monceaux will provide and discuss examples of experimental approaches to the music video form (no 'band-in-a-room' clips here) and get you thinking outside the square. Follow-up production consultation included. Session will run approximately 3 hours.


South Australian Dan Monceaux is a freelance artist who at the age of 26 has worked in a broad range of media and is founder of Danimations. He works as a photographer, illustrator, writer, composer and actor. Some of his works explore art that are grounded in reality, and others that explore the formal relationships of sound and moving image. Dan's script-writing and animation work on 'Karaoke Nomad Squad' won Best Animation and Best Original Screenplay in the 2004 South Australian Zoom Awards, produced in partnership with Adelaide based group, the People's Republic of Animation. This work was followed by a short animation 'Coastal Crisis,' which won him a Special Commendation in the EcoTVC awards.

Emma Sterling is an accomplished artist, photographer, editor and experimental and documentary filmmaker. Emma has exhibited photographic work in thirteen group exhibitions, including short films in numerous exhibitions during SALA Festival in August 2006 and 2007. She has enjoyed working as a part of a team on various short films in different crew roles, as well as autonomously within her solo work.

In the past few years Dan Monceax and Emma Sterling have been working on a number of experimental audiovisual works. Their 16 minute experimental documentary short 'A Shift in Perception', shot entirely on Super8 film is currently completing a successful international film festival and gallery circuit, including screenings in over thirty countries. The film has won awards in Australia, the USA, the UK, France, Mexico and Canada (including four for 'Best Film') and has toured the USA with the prestigious Black Maria Film & Video Festival. Supported by the Southern Australian Youth Arts Board and the Southern Australian Film Corporation respectively, Dan and Emma attended IDFA last November where 'A Shift in Perception' enjoyed its international.

The two recently completed a month long artists’ residency at Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, New York in October, where they tinkered with experimental image making, animation and VJing. After launching a new body of work entitled ‘Supermarket’ with Dan Monceaux at the end of the residency, the pair will be performing the audio-visual work at venues across Canada and the USA until mid December.

Official Website: http://www.thetanknyc.org/film

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