1 Cockspur Street
London, England SW1Y 5DL

Not going to the SXSW jamboree in Austin?
Want to commiserate with fellow stay-at-homes?
This is the place to do it! Time and venue updated.

Added by cazmockett on February 12, 2007



I hope the title doesn't mean it has to be in North East London somewhere...


No, I was just thinking relative to Austin. Kinda.

Any suggestions for venue would be appreciated - and I'g glad I won't be drowning my sorrows on my own!


not sure how lame we want to be in our copying the SXSW feel but if we were going for a total copy what about - the texas embassy bar - http://www.restaurant-guide.com/details/default.asp?rID=4612&ID=2091&path=12,21,14,2395,2091&cuiID=2 - no idea what it's like but its certainly got the SXSW Texas theme....


Good suggestion, Ross. Any objections? Wish some more of you would jump off the fence and say you're coming - otherwise it's just two of us! That would be a miserable showing, frankly :-P
And it would be nice to know numbers to book a table!


*jumps on bandwagon and says he's coming*


was just waiting to see where it was being held - I'm there plus 1!


I'm almost tempted to stay home from SxSW just to meet Ross' girlfriend...

...oh wait, no I'm not! Someone take photos though. :)


I see that the Texas Embassy Bar is very close to Trafalgar Sq, and therefore could be packed solid on a Saturday night. Anyone up for meeting up earlier than 7pm?


just book a fair sized table......equally I am always up for getting to pubs early :>


I've decided to go see Coventry City play away at Colchester on Saturday afternoon, but I intend to come straight back from the match and head into town. Hopefully I'll be there before about 8ish.


I'm not going to be there before 7:30pm - we can either book a table earlier and let folks turn up as and when, or convene elsewhere beforehand and move on to the Texas Grill for 7:30 - who's for doing what?


NXNE is the Canadian version of SXSW.

Just FYI.


i am up for anything - but looking forward to going either ways!! I am also liking Bens dedication to the booze, it will be awarded!


I'm disconcerted by the thought of us not having a table. I'm happy to make the booking just so long as somebody's going to be there then... anybody able to say they're definitely going to be there at 7:30?


OK, just phoned up and reserved a table (was waiting to see how many deffo's we had). They could only do a table for 10 (my best guestimate) for 8pm, but say there are two bars we can frequent before that - they might also be able to seat us before 8pm, so it won't hurt to be a bit earlier.

Table for 10, name MOCKETT, 8pm.

I'll be there from around 7:30pm. See you all there!