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The Effects of Gravity on Software
Kevin Rutherford

Do prices really rise? Is it really possible to bring a meeting forward? Can an argument hold water? What lurks around the corner? Well, here are my two cents worth: Metaphor shapes not only our language, but our thoughts too. So much so, that some of the common, deeply-ingrained metaphors of software development can actually prevent us from achieving good design. In this session we'll lift the lid on the fascinating world of metaphors, and along the way we'll discover a six-sided shape that has the answer to our prayers.

Kevin Rutherford has over twenty-five years' experience in software development and has spent the last ten years as an agile coach. During the same period he has been a leading speaker on the agile conference circuit, including XP2000, SPA2006, AgileNorth 2005 and various XPdays around Europe. Kevin founded AgileNorth, Manchester's agile software development interest group. Kevin is a Certified ScrumMaster, a CEng and a CITP, and is currently looking to turn away from coaching and return to development, which is a proper job.

IronRuby and the ASP.NET MVC Framework
Dave Verwer

This will be a lightning quick overview of "IronRuby":http://www.ironruby.net and the new MVC framework from Microsoft which, together should be a fairly familiar sight to anyone who has used Ruby on Rails.

Official Website: http://nwrug.org/events/november07/

Added by DaveVerwer on October 29, 2007