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The Life of a Rails Freelancer

A lot of people inspired by Ruby on Rails have thought about setting up on their own either as a freelancer, a contractor or maybe creating a business started with an idea that Rails put within their grasp. Paul Robinson started out with a load of business ideas, started freelancing and even contemplated contracting, and is now seeking investment for a new business all over again.

In the process he almost went bankrupt – twice – re-wrote his business plan (he didn’t start with one he admits, beyond “make a living”) and learned the hard way about cash-flow/finance, legal structures, tax, finding work, keeping customers happy, what the Rails market is really like to work in and why being your own boss is worth the occasional pain.

In this talk, he shares as much as can fit into the time allowed and encourages you to learn from his mistakes when starting out as your own boss.

Living and Breathing RSpec

Doug Livesey talks on adventures with RSpec, more details coming soon!

Official Website: http://nwrug.org/events/march08/

Added by DaveVerwer on March 7, 2008