BBC Manchester, New Broadcasting House, Oxford Road
Manchester, England M60 1SJ


Please note we're back on our old start time of 6:30pm

* 6:30pm :: Welcome & Pre-session bar visit.
* 7:00pm :: Capistrano for Newbies by Sam Phillips (
* 7:30pm :: Break
* 7:40pm :: Winners' Capistrano Recipes by Lee Hambley (
* 8:10pm :: Free pizza sponsored by Setfire Media (
* 9:00pm :: Drinks at the BBC bar afterwards, then somewhere else nearby after that closes.

If you want more information email [email protected], call Will on 07939 547 962 or tweet @will_j (

Sign Up

If you would like to attend this event please sign up here: as the BBC need a list of attendees before the event and I really need to know the numbers so I can order the right amount of food and drink. This month I shall be publicly covering people with brussel sprouts who arrive without signing up. You have been warned.

Official Website:

Added by willj on July 28, 2009