3-5 Trueman Street
Liverpool, England L3 2BA

The last Liverpool hackspace meeting of 2009. The next one would be a bit too close to Christmas I think.

The big project for this meeting will be extending the WiFi at Bad Format from the office and out into the main bar area (so we'll have Internet access in future!). Feel free to help out with that, or bring something of your own along to play with.

Fortnightly meet-up at 7pm for anyone interested in connecting the internet to the real world, breathing life into inanimate objects and creating new ways to interact with things.

We'll be working on our hardware projects, explaining what hardware hacking is to anyone who's interested, and chatting about finding a more permanent location to break out the soldering irons and finding somewhere where hacking and creativity can bloom.

We should be easy to spot - we'll be the guys with laptops, bits of electronics and a Bubblino (http://www.mcqn.com/bubblino)

We’re looking to create a hackerspace where anyone interested in technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialise and collaborate.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of ability or experience. Sign up to the mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/NW-hack-space & introduce yourself. If you’re really shy, you could just follow announcements on http://Twitter.com/hsNW - or subscribe to the data feed for announcements from http://nwhackspace.wordpress.com/feed/

Want to know more about hackspaces? Start here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace

Official Website: http://nwhackspace.wordpress.com/

Added by amcewen on November 26, 2009