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Webinar: Virtual Assistant & At Home Workers:

Learn to do nurture marketing for your clients
– profitable, recurring work –
all clients need nurture programs

Help your clients close more of their leads - and get people to buy sooner - with a nurture program.

You can educate your client's leads about their products and services, proactively address objections, maintain mindshare during even a long buying process, strengthen your client's relationship with prospects, and get them comfortable enough to buy.

Learn how to create nurture programs focused on leads. In this webinar you'll hear the strategy - then you'll hear a real-world example.

In the first half hour, we go over the steps you take to create a powerful nurture program for your clients:

- What you need to do, what you need from the client
- How to convince a client to get started
- How to make your nurture program even more effective
- What to watch out for.

The second half hour is a hot seat. You listen in as Judy walks a client through the process and designs a nurture program designed to help them turn more of their leads into customers.

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