Toronto, Ontario

From sunset to sunrise, Torontonians will be invited to encounter the city in a unique way and rediscover Toronto through public art commissions, all-night exhibitions, live performances and creative programs featured throughout the city.

Added by justG on February 16, 2006



It's just too bad it's *Scotiabank* Nuit Blanche. :-(


I disagree. We should be encouraging corporations, not just booze and cigarette companies, to sponsor cultural events.


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I agree with your sentiments but I just don't like cultural events to be branded with corporations' names.


This is Torontonian version of Museum Night, right? :-)

I'm soon to arrive from Belgrade to Toronto for a 1-month visit and this is an event I do not want to miss.

I'm contemplating other events and tours I might take while in Toronto/Ontario/Canada. Any recommendations? Apart from Niagara Falls, I mean. ;-)



There are interesting ROM historical guided walking tours though I am not sure if they still have them in fall. Apart from that stay away from CN Tower (a rip off ticket price) and usual tourist attractions (also a rip off). Pick up NOW or eye magazine (free every week) for details on events in the upcoming week. Unfortunately you've missed the top season for events - summer, but there are still hundreds of events every week. If you like theatre there is a Shaw or Stratford festival (not in Toronto). Enjoy your stay here!


Thanks metabaron!

I've checked out Bata Shoe Museum (pretty cool) and planning to preview ROM this Friday and AGO next week. CN Tower tickets are really made for plain-vanilla turists, but still I'm contemplating about that experience (I've been to Sears Tower many years ago and I remember it was cool). I may as well decide to spend that money more wisely in Wonderland. ;-)



I just came back from catching some of the nightly events. I saw the 'cops' tango and played a fun game of marbles.

I registered here after meeting a fine young lady at the Andy Warhol exhibit. She saw it for the the third time. I found it interesting but it was all the side noted comments that really caught my attention. ie. The TIFF building and how a finger is receptive to feeling the smallest of sounds against a speaker.

Looks like alot of people were on the streets and that this was a really enjoyable event. I look forward to next year.


ps - friend of Simon... do say hello again.


It has been a lovely night.

To a Toronto outsider like me this was a great opportunity to grasp the vibe of the locals and interact with them as well as to see, touch and feel different kinds of art. Some thought-provoking some plain entertaining.

Prices of pieces of art in some galleries made me want to drop keyboard and mouse for brush and palette. ;-)

Among other things, night swim was a cool idea.

Long live White Nights! :-D


Tim Leung

To help you all find where to go and chill for this amazing night theres a guide from a local toronto community website: