66 Porland Place
London, England W1B 1AD

An expert panel debate whether nuclear power can avert our impending energy crisis.

As we seek to overcome our reliance on fossil fuels, what are the alternatives? Offshore turbines and wind farms are often cited as options but can they really meet more than a fraction of the UK’s energy needs? If not, is nuclear power a viable alternative? Public anxiety about nuclear plants’ safety, their susceptibility to terrorist attacks, and the problem of safely disposing of radioactive waste persists. But to what extent are these concerns justified? Does nuclear power finally mean we can stop guilt-tripping about energy consumption?

Speakers include: co-author of forthcoming book 'Energise', Professor James Woudhuysen; Keith Barnham, Quantasol co-founder and Emeritus Professor of Physics at Imperial College London; and Neil Crumpton, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner.

Ticket price: £10

Official Website: http://www.spiked-online.com/index.php?/site/eventindex/

Added by Tim Black on June 10, 2008